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What is the Direct Attach Cable (DAC) and Active Optical Cable (AOC)?

DAC is generally translated as a direct connection cable or a direct connection copper cable. AOC, translated as active optical cable, there are two modules at both ends of the AOC, and a piece of fiber in the middle.

What is SFP Module?

Optical transceiver SFP is small package hot swappable modules,mostly is LC Interface,the highest rate can up to 10G at present.SFP is SMALL FORM PLUGGABLE abbreviation, simply understood as an upgraded version of GBIC.

What is 1000BASE Transceiver Module?

1000 BASE transceivers module are kind of small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceivers module. They are used for both telecommunication and data communications applications.

The basic structure of the optical module and precautions for use

The fiber optical module structure usually consists of a light emitting device (TOSA, including a laser), a light receiving device (ROSA, including a photodetector), a functional circuit, and an optical (electrical) interface.

What is the difference between fiber media converter and fiber optical module?

Fiber optical media converters and optical fiber modules are devices that perform photoelectric conversion. What is the difference between them? Fiber optical media converters and optical modules are used in many optical fiber transmission projects...

Single-mode Single Fiber and Singl-mode Dual Fiber Optical Fiber Media Converter

Single-mode or multi-mode depends on the optical cable. Single-mode refers to the use of single-mode optical cables, and single-fiber or dual-fiber refers to one-core optical fiber transmission or two-core optical fiber transmission.

About SDI Video SFP Fiber Optical Module

What is SDI VIDEO SFP fiber optical module? What is it for? SDI SFP is called digital video fiber optical module or SDI (Serial Digital Interface) fiber optical module, and its main function is to support SDI video pathological signal of SDI equipment.

Knowledge of The Fiber Optical Module Compatibility

Compatible fiber optical modules have been welcomed by the majority of users. Next,we answer the common questions about compatible fiber optical modules.

The meaning of fiber media converters indicator and common failure causes

It is inevitable that the fiber media converters will malfunction during use. we will talk about the meaning of the normal indicator of the fiber media converter and what it should be during normal operation. What are the common failures and the reasons?

Sopto SFP Module Knowledge Explanation (1)

Sopto is a manufacturer and supplier of optical modules, and has a wealth of expertise in optical module production. Welcome to contact us for details of optical module products

Introduction to optical module parameters

What are the parameters of the optical module and what do these parameters represent? Let me explain in detail below.

Brief introduction of single fiber bidirectional (BIDI) optical module

The BiDi optical module uses an optical fiber to achieve two-way data communication, which means that the BiDi optical module can make the signal travel on the same optical fiber as if driving in two lanes, without interfering with each other.

Network Application and Purchase Principle of Fiber Media Converter

The fiber media converter is an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that can convert between electrical signals and optical signals.

What are the Fiber Media Converters and Classifications?

The fiber media converter is an Ethernet transmission media conversion unit that exchanges short-distance twisted-pair electrical signals and long-distance optical signals. It is also called a fiber converter in many places.

What are CWDM and DWDM fiber optic modules?

At present, WDM (wavelength division multiplexing) technology is developing very rapidly, and it has shown great vitality and bright development prospects. The optical wavelength division multiplexing technology enables not only one

What is the Copper RJ45 SFP Module?

The copper SFP fiber module is also called optical port to electrical port module and photoelectric conversion optical fiber module,and it converts optical signals...

The Difference between DAC and AOC Cable

AOC cable and DAC cable are used for short-distance server interconnection in data centers and interconnection between servers and switches, so what are their characteristics?