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What is SFP Module?

Optical module SFP is small package hot swappable modules, mostly is LC Interface, the highest rate can up to 10G at present. SFP is SMALL FORM PLUGGABLE abbreviation, simply understood as an upgraded version of GBIC. The volume of optical module SFP reduced by half GBIC , and can be configured over double ports on the same panel. In other funtions, SFP is basically the same with GBIC, so some manufacturers switch called SFP by MINI-GBIC. Many customers don't know what is SFP module, actually it is a kind of optical module , here is more details.

SFP Modules Appearance


SFP Module is rectangle, mainly include eight parts;

1. Shell

2. Sheet Metal

3. Optical Reception Interface

4. Optical Emission Interface

5. Unlock Cards

6. Telecom Interface

7. Goldfinger

8. Dust cap

SFP Module Classification

Data classification

According to the rate, it divided into 155M , 622M , 1.25G, 2.125G, 4.25G, 8G and 10G, 155M and 1.25G currently more use on the market , 10G technology is maturing and increased demand, but also the main optical module in the future.

Wavelength classification

According to the wavelength, it divided into 850nm, 1310nm, 1550nm, 1490nm, 1530nm and 1610nm. 850nm wavelength is multimode SFP, transmitting distance is under 2KM, common like Cisco GLC-SX-MMD. 1310nm and 1550nm wavelength is singlemode, transmitting distance is over 2KM, relatively speaking, 850nm, 1310nm and 1550nm wavelength price is cheaper than other wavelength. these three wavelengths than the other three for a cheaper price.

The bare module is easy to confuse if no identify, generally manufacturers will be distinguished in the color of pull ring. In order to identify easier , general identify modules parameters and type by of ring color. For example, black pull ring is multimode and wavelength is 850nm, Blue is 1310nm wavelength module, Yellow is 1550nm wavelength module, purple is 1490nm wavelength module.

Mode classification

Multi-mode, almost all of the multimode fiber dimensions are 50/125 μm or 62.5 / 125 μm, and the bandwidth (the amount of fiber information transmission ) usually 200MHz to 2GHz. Multimode transmitting distance can up to 5 km by multimode fiber. In the light emitting diode or a laser light source. Pull ring or in vitro color is black.

Singlemode, the single-mode fiber size 9-10 / 125 μm , and compared to multimode optical fiber has unlimited bandwidth and low loss characteristics. The single-mode optical module used for long distance transmission, and sometimes up to 150-200 km. Uses LD or narrow spectral lines LED as a light source. Pull ring or in vitro colors blue, yellow or purple.

Differences and connects

Single-mode fiber is cheap, but single-mode device is much expensive than similar multi-mode devices. Single-mode devices usually can run on a single-mode fiber, can also run on a multi-mode fiber,but multimode device can only runn on multimode fiber.

The 10G module has been developed from 300Pin. XENPAK, X2, XFP and finally achieve with the same size as SFP which can transmit 10G signals called SFP+. SFP by virtue of its small cost and other advantages to meet the needs of high-density equipment, SFP+ has been replaced the XFP 10G modules and became the mainstream.

The Effect of SFP Module ?

SFP is a kind of optical module , which is a connection transceiver with the function of opto-electronic conversion. The transmitter end takes in and converts the electrical signal into optical signal,after the optical fiber transmission , the receiver end again converts the optical signal into electrical signal


SFP Module Function Description

Most optical SFP transceivers support SFF-8472 (Industry Standard multilateral agreements), according to SFF-8472 agreement, it must support Digital Diagnostic Monitoring function, this feature enables the end user to real-time detection SFP parameters , such as basic five monitoring: temperature (temperature), transceiver supply voltage (Vcc), laser bias current , the optical output power (Tx power), the input power (Rx power)。


SFP Modules Application

1. Switch interface

2. Server interface

3. Network interface

4. Security monitoring

5. Telecommunications, including data control center, computer room,

6. Sonet,SDH,Ethernet



Which Parameters Should be Confirmed When Buying a Compatible SFP Module ?

Transmission data-rate, center wavelength, transmitting distance, type of interface, with or without DDM function and specific model of your transceiver or device should be confirmed.

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