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What is the Copper RJ45 SFP Module?

As we all know, optical fiber modules are widely used in the construction of network systems. Although Copper sfp modules are rare, they are also very present in the process of building networks. This article will tell you about the relevant knowledge of copper sfp modules and it. What is the difference with common optical fiber modules.

Copper RJ45 SFP Module

The copper sfp module is also called optical port to electrical port module and photoelectric conversion optical module. It is also the type of module that will be used in optical communication. It converts optical signals into electrical signals. Its transmission distance is up to 100m. It is mainly used in short Distance data transmission. Currently, the commonly used copper sfp module packaging types on the market mainly include SFP copper modules and SFP+ copper modules. The copper sfp module can support hot swap, the interface type is RJ45, and it is often connected with various copper cables.

Type of Copper SFP Module

Copper sfp modules can be divided into three types,10G SFP+, 100Base SFP and adaptive SFP copper sfp modules according to different rates

10G SFP+ copper sfp module, also known as 10 Gigabit copper sfp module, its transmission rate is 10G, designed for high-speed communication links, mainly used in 10 Gigabit Ethernet, usually together with the super six or seven network cable Use, can reduce the cost of network deployment. And its power consumption is almost only half that of the optical fiber module, and it has the characteristics of low power consumption, high performance, and compact design.

100Base SFP copper sfp module, It can be used when the device's network ports are insufficient, that is, the SFP optical port is converted into an RJ45 electrical port by using the SFP copper sfp module.

Adaptive copper sfp module, It is a gigabit optical fiber module that can integrate three rates of 10/100/1000BASE onto the chip, which can meet different application requirements.


What is the difference between an copper sfp module and a common optical fiber module?

The interface types are different , the interface of the copper module is RJ45, and it is generally used to connect to Category 5, Category 6, Super Category 6, or Category 7 network cables. The interfaces of the optical module, such as LC-LC, SC-SC, single LC, single SC, etc., are usually connected with fiber optical patch cord.

The parameters are different , the copper sfp module does not have a wavelength, while the optical fiber module does.

Different components , The copper module does not have the core component of the optical module-the laser.

The transmission distance is different , the copper module is only suitable for short-distance transmission, up to 100 meters, while the optical fiber module can perform short-distance and long-distance transmission according to different fiber types.



Coppr SFP ModuleCommon Optical Fiber Module

Precautions for installation of copper module

1. It is recommended to wear an anti-static wrist strap during installation to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage. It is recommended that trained and qualified personnel install or replace the copper module.

2. When installing, the pull ring and label face upwards, and the gold fingers face downwards. Note that the front and back directions cannot be wrong.

3. If the copper module encounters obstacles when it is pushed in, do not force it in, you can re-insert or replace the copper module.

4. After installation, observe whether the indicator of the copper module is normal to determine whether the optical module has been activated.

5. Do not insert or pull out the copper module many times, otherwise it will affect the service life of the optical module

Sopto can supply a wide range of copper modules with stable performance. You can also choose OEM customization according to your actual application and needs.

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